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These vessels are intended for fishing and fish or other marine resources processing.

The main types of fishing vessels:
• Seiner is a vessel that fishes with a purse seine attached to a derrick boom.
• Trawler is a vessel that fishes with a trawl, which is a net in the form of a huge bag, towed by this vessel.
• Long-liner is a vessel that fishes using a hook-and-line method.
• Crab-fishing boat is a vessel that fishes crabs.
• Fish-canning factory ships are designed to process newly caught fish at sea.
Project HS 28 seiners
Project HS 45T medium freezer trawlers
Project HS 65T medium freezer trawlers
Project 11006 RS-600 seiners
Project 12014 large tuna seiners

Project 15003 large fishing freezer trawlers
Project 15004 medium freezer trawler
Project 15006 fishing freezer trawlers

Project 16005 saury fishing vessels
Project 16007 fishing boats
Project 16014 small fishing trawler-seiners
Project 1288 Large freezer trawler "General Troshev" (modernisation)
Project 17002 medium freezer trawlers
Project 17003 medium freezer crab-fishing boats

Project 18007 small fishing trawlers
Project 18008 small fishing trawler-seiners
Project 19004 crab-fishing vessels
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